Our Departments

The below mentioned departments fall within the organizational structure of Tawasul Transport Company and perform their duties and responsibilities as follows:

Operations & Fleet Department:

The Operations Department of Tawasul Transport supervises the drivers’ works, prepares their work program and enhances them to comply with regulations as well as with TransAD rules. Further, the operations Department tracks the drivers’ activities and violations. Accordingly, the training department handles qualifying and training the violating drivers, based on the degree and type of violation, upon the directions of TransAD in this respect. In addition, the supervisors of the Operations Department enlighten the drivers, track their daily activities and instruct them not to commit violations.As well as the operations department supervise the readiness of the vehicles.

HR & PR Department:

This department plans the human resources, selection of staff, analyzes and describes positions and evaluates the employee’s performance. The Human Resources Department devotes its services for the nomination and recruitment of distinguished administrative qualifications as well as performing several activities, such as, the preparation of payroll, promotions, vacations, career planning and supervising the development of the company staff and their training. This department deals with the staff and the drivers affairs with the governmental and private sectors, as well as supervising the Company’s services while providing it with all needs and requirements.

Finance Department:

This Department prepares the budget of the company and follows up its execution; delivers the salaries of staff and drivers and supervises the provision of the Company’ requirements. Further, it follows up the financial affairs of the Company with banks, governmental organizations, departments and ministries etc...

 Training & Development Department:

This Department handles the qualification and training of Tawasul Transport drivers for operating its taxi fleet by way of adopting advanced training plans and programs according to the regulations and laws of the Transport Regulation Center. In this respect the training department uses the latest modern technology means in the driver’s training hall. Further, Tawasul Transport cooperates with external agencies for the training of the Company’s drivers.

Information Technology Department:

This Department supervises the information Technology Services at the various departments of the Company, pursues its related requirements and provides the technical support needed for the same. The Information Technology Department also supervises the functions of taxicabs meters as well as repairing any technical problems suffered by the drivers.

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